TASCAM US-366 Mavericks sound

Pedro Fernandes

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Nov 7, 2014
Gear owned
I have one question regarding this unit. Every time i boot up my mac ( Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.5 ) the output sound from the interface, it doesn't matter if in a DAW or just listening to youtube or other media applications the sound seems to be inaccurate and distorted.
Once i press the Mixer/Panel button on the interface it takes a while to load and it gets back to normal, seems like it reactivates the device driver to it´s standard settings and then the sound gets wider in the stereo field and "stabilized" in volume, with less distortion . By stabilized i mean it does not clip when playing music, it reduces volume by 1/3 ish from the previous settings.
Is this a matter of Beta drivers for this OS or it´s a know issue with this audio device ?
I am currently using the latest Mavericks Drivers downloaded from TASCAM website (3.01) for the US-366 and the latest firmware (1.02)

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