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Feb 18, 2013
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Teac 32-2B
Hi folks,

1st post. I went to start up my old Teac 32-2B tonight, it has been years just sitting in the rack. The capstans don't move. Pulled off the front for a quick look, as I saw a video of a similar machine accessed this way to replace the belt, but looks like the back might be the way in.

Anybody know if you can get a new belt for this model?

Can you coach me on what to do? Can I do it just by unscrewing the head block ?

I had the front plate loose as I mentioned, counter line and sensors were still on so I did not have it all the way off, but I couldn't see how this would help access.

Do you have a on-line store? How much is the belt?

Thanks much,
The front panel has to come off. There are a few screws and a threaded collar that locks onto the speed control. Remove them all including the pinch roller and the tape idlers and carefully unplug the connector to the front panel control.

Lift off the top panel. There are four (4) screws that hold the head block and a few screws that hold the capstan solenoid. Mark the position of the solenoid with pencil and carefully remove its screws and move aside. Leave it's plunger attached to head block.

Remove the head block screws, carefully lift up and remove the old belt. You'll most likely need 91% isopropyl alcohol and Qtips to clean the old belt mess.

New belt (with very clean hands) goes on the capstan drive 1st and then as you replace the head block carefully set onto the capstan drive wheel. Spin by hand a bit so the belt seats properly.

Replace everything in reverse.

Drive belt is $9.35 + postage. Just contact me.

Happy to help you.

BTW if this is not enough detail for the process please let me know, and I can further advise.
I'm new (this is my first post).

I have three 32-2Bs' (one now stripped for spares).

Maybe there were production changes, but in the examples' I have here there is no practical way to change the belt(s) from the front! Yes; I did try!

If you have the same model as I do; remove the back cover (4 screws each side). Now remove the 2 screws securing the servo board assy. to the spooling motors and swing it out of the way (there are hooks on the chassis to 'park' it but you may need to cut some cable ties). You now have a clear view of the capstan drive (inc. head block) etc. Removal of five screws (easy to see) will have the capstan motor (along with mounting plate and servo board) off. The drive belt will probably come off with it. Note how the belt is routed!

You can now easily withdraw the capstans with their flywheels to clean and lubricate them: Have some cotton swabs and some isopropanol handy!

As they say: Re-assemble (with a new belt)in reverse order!

Best regards, John W
Hi John,

That is exactly what I did and got it up and running. Hopefully this thread will help others in the same situation.


I've recently buyed a TEAC 32-2B to digitalize professional master tapes from 1965-96 including baking them and almost all brands (Ampex, Scotch, BASF, Maxell, Sony etc etc). I am curious to know what the main differences between a Tascam 32 and a TEAC 32-2B are. I heard that they are using the same sets of heads. The most important information for me is whether the sound between these 2 is similar or even equal, can someone of you help me out? If not I am seriously thinking about replacing the 32-2B by a 32. Thanks a lot
The Tascam Teac 32 was made at a later time than was the 32-2B and did not have provisions for changing the Eq.

32-2B is dual capstan closed loop with full logic control and is a two (2) track only deck. 32-28 will only record and play back in the 1/2 track mode!

At any rate the 32-2B has settings for changing the record EQ as well as changing from NAB to IEC with the touch of a switch.

While these tape decks look similar, the 32-2B has more features that include a means by switches to change a number of settings.

The digital readout that is standard on the model 32.

The only downside, if there is indeed a downside, is this deck (32-2B) will only record and play back in the 1/2 track mode.

According to the service manual for the 32, you CAN convert the deck from NAB to IEC by switching some jumpers on the internal amp.

From page 39 in the manual of the 32:

Note: If necessary, inter-switching between the NAB and IEC standards can be accomplished by simply removing and re-patching the jumper wires on 5 points of the amplifier. The details are explained as a note on the schematic of the amplifier section.

From schematic of amp section:

For NAB Standard:
-With the A, B, and C jumper connections being disregarded, jumper D is connected to the terminal side of C129 and jumper E to the terminal side of C128.

For IEC Standard:
-With the A, B, and C jumpers in place, jumper D is connected to terminal side of C127 and jumper E to terminal side of C130.
Thanks a lot for the information. In the meantime I had a phone call with Tascam itself and I asked an engineer. He says that the 32 is designed for professional approach, means that the focus was more on the robustness with less functional switches whereas the 32-2B was more designed for HiFi applications, means more functions, more focus on frequency and sound etc. Finally he confirmed that for my application to digitalize master tapes the 32-2B is the better choice whereas for professional recording the 32 is the choice. BR-20 is more similar to 32 than to 32-2B was the next information. I am referring to him.
Just thought I'd share with you a cabinet I've been building for the 32-2b. It's not finished yet but it's nearly there! Needs the edges sorted out, priming & painting! Pretty pleased with the way it's turned out. It's my first custom build :pimage.jpg

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