TM D8000 - "The Main CPU Cannot Be Started.." MIDI dump?


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Sep 30, 2012
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I am unable to start my Tascam TM D8000 as it requires ROM MIDI Dump. I believe the internal battery must have gone flat causing eprom to be lost. Am I right in my assessment?
Could anyone help with getting this mixer to start?
Does anyone have midi dump procedures, original ROM file, manual etc.
I'd be very grateful for any help.
At this point I would recommend to contact TASCAM support. Try to find (it's quite easy) a guy named Tom Duffy there. He's an expert with these beasts and very helpful person, too.
Thanks Jarno, I have already contacted Tascam UK. No reply as yet. Will wait till next Monday and then try again.

wkrbee, I was suspecting that this procedure should be done but I have lost my manuals and Tm D floppy disk. Do you have a .pdf that you can send me or do you know in which mixer section is the battery? Thanks for your reply.
It's on the CPU PCB assy.The unit has to be opened to get at the PCB.The battery is soldered in so you will have to remove a fair number of ribbon cables to be able to remove the CPU Pcb assy.Be real careful how you plug back in the white ribbon cables.It's real easy to delaminate the cable ends-and obviously observe correct ESD procedures.
No problem, I can do that. I assume the CPU is underneath the master section rather than channel strips.
FINALLY :) : do you remember what RAM clear key-press combination might be on power up? Thanks bud.
The CPU PCB is mounted to the bottom of the chassis in the middle.Holding down the 'SHIFT','MTR/SND RETURN',and the ch 19 record button below the ch 19 bargraph while powering up,(it helps to have two people),will put you into the "diagnostic"mode.Scroll down to "SRAM INITIALIZE" and follow the on screen prompts
Hi, the key combination SHIFT - MTR SEND/RETURN - CH19 doesn't seem to work. Are there alternative ways of putting TM D8000 into diagnostics mode? Thanks.
Hi Aleks,
i am also having the same problem:- however i can confirm the button combination works ok.. Sadly though i now have fatal error 99-00000004-5A

Please note:- i had the wrong combination of buttons and generated the above error...Please dont do the same!

combination uses MTR SEND/RETURN (right side of centre pod)(Not MTR send at Meter bridge / OOpz) so combination is as follows "MTR SEND/RETURN & SHIFT & CH19" at power up...
i can only say this does show diagnostics at top right side of display... For me this only gave the Fatal Error as shown above :)

Thanks to WKRBEE for his help here so far...p.s. any idea how to get out the fatal error.. (note my battery has not yet been changed but is dead)

Best of Luck to all TM-DXXXX users
I have the manuals. And software. I will try to upload somewhere this week..
Hi Calvee,
fatal error might possibly be linked to SRAMs inability to recollect/retain original eprom data without a healthy battery.
I have bought a standard battery and a cradle so that cradle can be mounted on the PCB and battery change made easier.
I have a spare set should you need it I am happy to post for free if you're willing to buy a stamp.
Did you hold down ch19 record enable button?
Cheers buddy.

Muziekschuur, I would be VERY grateful if you could do that.
Thanks in advance. :)

Hi Aleks,
First up thanks for reply..Yep! "CH19" & "MTR SEND/RETURN" & "SHIFT" you will need three hands or a clever pen in the mouth trick :)
i only got to see the "Diagnostics" appear for a couple of seconds before the fatal error appears. I do also think that the fatal error could be as a result of the battery, but i guess i'll find out when i fit a new one. I am concerned i may not be able to get to the diagnostics page. Out of interest I found the following regarding fatal errors on the 4000 here (tread with caution, i'm not sure all the info is correct) :- ... error-hint

Thank you very much for the offer of the battery. I may come back to you if the one i ordered isn't correct (very kind of you & thanks again). Also tempted to fit a cradle, although i do wonder a little about stability as it is so crucial :(

Thanks again to one and all for all the input and compare of notes :)

Hi Muziekschuur, i would also be VERY!!!!! :) :) grateful if you have any info..
Big Thanks

Hi Aleks,
How you doing? :|
So some updates...
I have the new battery fitted, fatal error cleared... The rest is as yours is...
Requests MIDI FILE DUMP :(
Diagnostics button combination does same as before "diagnostics appears on screen for a second or two and is now replaced with Midi Dump Request...

Oddly at one point "Download Mode" was displayed in the top left of the screen and then back to midi dump request..

So two TMD8000's in the very same state :(

Both in a week of each other, whats your serial number ? This one here is 0020058 ex Tascam Demo about 2000

I need a beer :confused:

cheers c
Hi, Muziekschuur and guys, i have nearly the same problem (for me the message is "flash the rom"...)also i think the battery is dead.
I just received this message from tascam factory : Replace the battery.Hold dwon the SHIFT,EQ,and REC 19 buttons and power up.This will clear out the RAM and let the unit work.Sometimes you have to do it two or three times in a row to get it to work.
This is the e-mail address for L.A. Factory Service in Los Angeles Ca. USA.

Ok but... i don't think it's really the answer for my problem so Muziekschuur,
It should be very very very kindly if you could upload software and manuals of tmd 8000, i really love this gear and have made very famous records (in France) with it so i don't want to change !!
All the Best

Hi, i've found files for midi dump !!!
see Posted attachments and enjoy !


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Hi domsabl,
Sorry to hear of you also have same problem :(
Although your desk says "flash the rom" i think once the battery has gone the desk will tell you almost anything. As you can see above my desk went into fatal error as a result. I did have a battery warning for a day or two and display said i would be unable to save screen shots, this was the followed by random on screen graphics before in died. This all happened very quickly, the desk is used frequently. One minute ok the next not :(

Correct battery CR2450-T25 can be found here in the UK at:- ... alogue.htm for £3.80 postage free in UK..

But now a big thank you for finding and uploading the files.
The next question will be how to get them into the desk successfully.

Best of Luck guys!

PS. The button combination CH19 & EQ & SHIFT puts the desk into download mode! I think this is reading from the ROM post the midi dump to the rom!
It looks like this procedure will need to be carried out???

Just downloaded the files....Thanks
I noted the version on my desk was 1.3

These files are as follows
Remote = 1.10
Panel = 1.10
Main = 1.14
any comments on known versions?

Edit: progress report!

played back file "main 1.14"
File Type "BIN"
Packets 7462

after loading 7462 packets the desk counter lit OO in the frame counter.
Followed by flashing "PLEASE WAIT. UPDATING MAIN ROMS"
it has now been flashing for several minutes.... nothing else :(

keep you posted calvee
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Hello everyone,

and thanks for the file, but now i would like to know how to put then in the TMD 8000,

is there any software for that???

If you can't get into diagnostics mode with the above mentioned 'CH19 REC' key combination, try this one:

Press and hold the buttons SHIFT (area MIXING/CONFIGURATION) and EQ (left of machine control area) while you turn the POWER ON.

Then, without waiting, while the desk boots, press the button RECORD FUNCTION 20 (underneath the level meters).

This should initialize the desk's SRAM on units whose firmware doesn't recognize the other shortcut..
If anyone is able to shoot me the service manual. I will up it as soon as possible...

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