TMD-1000 TDIF to MA-AD8 to a MOTU 2408


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Apr 9, 2014
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Hi guys! Several years ago I had a tmd 1000 that was decked out with all the expansion cards. This was hooked up to a ma-ad8 and this was hooked into my motu soundcard.

I sold the TMD1000 awhile ago but recently bought it for a friend (i give his son guitar lessons) and his sons studio. I'm helping him build it up and record. I jumped at a good cl deal and hooked him up. I still have the Ma-ad8 and the motu 2408.

I'm able to get all the units working together but the problem I'm having has to deal with the fader signal on the board. It seem to directly connected to the signal to my computer.

So this means I can't record without the fader unmuted and pushed up. This is not acceptable as he doesn't have a dedicated mixdown area to monitor and then a band area to record. Or even different rooms. He only has a band area and 2 large speakers the vocals go through. Everyone else gets pretty loud already in this small space.

So my goal is to be able to mute the channels on the board (so he's not going thru the mains) AND at the same time send a signal (via tdif) to the motu for recording.

I've tried activated the direct outs and setting up the faders as 'post'. But this did not help.

I guess I could just turn the amp off to the mains but I know I had this all down packed when I owned the unit and was recording my own band. I know I'm missing something small.

Thanks for any help.

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