US1800 & Avid Torq Input Problems

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    May 2013

    i have a problem with my US-1800. First let me explain the Situation:

    I normally use my US1800 with cubase Artist 6 (or 6.5...doesnt matter) and all works fine.
    On the other hand, i play Musik (djing) with Torq (Avid) and an Xponent(M-Audio) controler. Now i want to combine the mp3 djing with real Vinyl. This makes sense and is possible by the software. Just the Xponent(with integrated Audio Interface) has no inputs, so i need another solution.

    My idea was, to use the US-1800 instead of the Xponent as interface and route In 11&12 to Deck A and 13&14 to Deck B.
    The Problem now, is that this works on Deck A, but not on Deck B. By trying some variations i found out, that

    +Torq does not recognise the input from input 13&14
    +The US-1800 has input on input 13&14 ...checkt by "input->monitor" on the us-1800 itself and by cubase,where everything works fine
    +Connected at 9&10 (on the front panel of the US1800) it works fine

    All seems OK, but it doesn`t work...i`m out of ideas

    Can someone help?

    regards Stefan