VL-A8 powered monitor failure


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Nov 28, 2023
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Vl-a8 powered monitors
I have a VL-A8 powered monitor that powers on, lights up, but does not make sound. There is no hum or buzz at all during regular power up. However, when you turn OFF the power switch, after a short while the relay will click and you can hear audio as it fades out and bleeds off. I'm not hopeful that it's just the relay that's gone bad, but maybe there are some experts here that have suggestions.
I have tried pressing and flexing components, cables and connections just to see if it's a solder joint or connection issue. This is one of two monitors that have had a very easy life with very low hours of use. I just turned it on today after not using it for about a week and it doesn't work any longer.
If anyone has knowledge of this problem or how to repair it, I'd love some direction. Thanks

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