Vocals sound muddy and full of bass, but sound good in monitors

Discussion in '2488 and DP-24/32 Digital Portastudios' started by MultipleMyselfs, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Jan 2019
    I record my mic into a Voicelive 2 effects machine and then route the output of that to the DP-24SD . When I record vocal tracks and play them back, they sound nice and have treble to them, but when I extract the wav file from the master and play it on the pc or burn it to a cd or usb stick, the vocals are very bassy and very low and flat sounding, significantly less treble in them when i recorded them and played them back through monitors or during mastering. Any idea of what i am doing wrong ??? If it was a equalization issue , would'nt i hear that in final mixdown and mastering ?? Thanks for any help !!!
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    I'm guessing that you are listening to the tracks on a different playback system, and it sounds different. You didn't say for certain, but, what happens if you play the file on your machine and listen on the same monitors you used for recording? I have a USB interface/mixer and I feed my monitors with that. So, the Monitor outputs from my DP machine and the audio output of the computer are heard on the same monitors. When I play mixdown files on my computer they sound exactly the same.