Will the silver 2488 connect to windows 7

Ray Castleberry

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Apr 5, 2014
Cunningham, KY
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Tascam 788 and 2488.
Hello Everyone another newbie here with a question
I have the silver 2488 Tascam. I haven't connected it to my computer yet. I need to know if it will be ok to use the USB to connect to my laptop or will I encounter problems. I don't want to mess up anything.
Thanks for any advice
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It's easy. Just go to the disk menu and choose the usb option, then plug in your usb The manual will be quite helpful. Page 68 has import-export info.
Yes, Win7 is fine.
Another Question if ya'll don't mind. Where's the best place to get some
1x -4x CD-R or the RW . My 2488 is not making a good master with the cd's I have
They are Memorex CD-R 52x or Verbatim CD- RW 12x
I would really like to make master CD's of the songs that I record.
Would I be better off connecting to the computer and transferring them to the computer and then burning
I know editing them will be easier on the computer. I have Audacity on it or would I be better off getting another program?

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