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Feb 10, 2013
Gear owned
DM24 DM4800 IF-FWDM2 Logic
Is anyone using AC-7 core HD for ipad as controlsurface in combination with the DM4800.
When i remove the 3 mackie controllers for the dm4800 it works, still not for 100% but in combination only start stop and masterfader works
It's great app when you are a musician as well as the recordingtech as it works as it should.
Anyone using this ?
I've been using it with my 3200. Great little app. No, it doesn't do everything, but for remotely starting, stoping, arming tracks, mute, pan, select and fader control, its been great.
Hi tascman, does it work together with the remote tascam control installed ? And can you select then all your channels ?
Unfortunate you have to disable the Mackie/HUI for the DM when the iPad controller is installed. Seems to me you should be able to add it to the HUI menu on your DAW so both methods reside simultaneously.

But what do I know? I'm still back in the Stone Age - happily pushing buttons on my TranzPort - which plays nice and friendly with my DM/HUI settings without putting up a fuss. :shock:

Hi captDan,
What i want is from within the tracking room not only control my DAW but also the way around. I use my aux mixes from the DM as headphones mixes for the musicians. But then i must control my DM remote, then I can use transport, mute, rec from DM -> DAW as well. I guess that,s not possible with Tranzport for that device connects via wireless -> computer.
Actually, the TranzPort controls the following things remotely:

-Track Arming
-Track Selection

It also features several Ctrl/Function keys for customized tasks. Some of that is DAW dependent. There's also a remote VU meter for the channel being monitored. And - yes - it's WIFI to computer. So, I'm not sure what you're assuming isn't possible, given these functions. I've found with Cubase and Protools, the TranzPort, DAW "virtual'/mouse transport, or the DM's REMote HUI functions can be accessed individually, together, or separately.

Other than controlling headphone mixes (it doesn't do that), it's a pretty handy, bulletproof solution. Works up to 40 feet from the antenna too.

Downside: Frontier no longer makes them. But - like the DM desks - they show up on the used market.

I hate disagreeing, but I use my AC-7 HD inconjunction with my DM remote layer in my DAW. Not for any other particular reason then just for parlor tricks and too impress the women folk (doesnt work). Usually, my remote layer is already up and I just start playing with the ipad. But, it probably depends on which DAW you use. I can literally move a fader in AC-7, which moves a fader in my DAW which moves the same fader on the DM. Fun for all. Scares the dog,
Yes, you can move all the faders in a session, but just 8 at a time. They didn't want to fit 48 faders on one ipad display. So, I might have faders 1-8, then I hit either ">>" wich moves all 8 to faders 9 through 16, etc., or I hit ">" which moves everything one fader at a time.
I also have a TranzPort as well (which I originally bought for this purpose a few years ago) which is just fine. But my company gave us all ipads for work so I figured it would be fun to try out AC-7. Now I use that all the time.

I think I had a conversation about routing tracks in your daw to send out to other's headphones, which could be controlled by the ipad. In REAPER, there are "Track Folders". I don't know what they are called in your DAW, probably busses. Anyway, any track within that folder will only play through that track folder, and then out from the folder to the mains. Lets say, for example, you have 5 toms. You might mic each tom, and have a track for each tom, but you may also want to gate, compress, and add verb to said toms from one spot. In a track folder, you can add your gate, comp and verb to all 5 toms before the signal goes to the mains.
You could assign the tracks that you want to monitor to specific folders, then assign the outs from those folders to specific DM inputs, which could then be assigned to specific aux outs to specific sets of headphones, the faders of which could be controlled by your iPad and AC-7. I was thinking along those lines.
For me, a device that needs to not only be touched but also watched while operating, cannot be used for control while being the 'recording musician': too much hassle. So, I'll stick to my Tranzport as well...
Thanks Tascman.
I will give it another try to get it up and running, I work with Logic, with no other controllers installed it worked but not with the DM controllers installed
As you discribe your setting you make your headphone mixes in the DAW.
Is your latency acceptable then for tracking ?
I do not do headphone mixes exactly this way. I was only offering an idea. However, I do send the stereo returns of my working mix out to whoever is recording the next track and no, I don't have a latency issue. By that I mean that I don't experience any delay between what is being heard and what is being recorded. The two sync up perfectly. But I this that is because of "Latentcy Compensation" that is built into most DAWs, Reaper included, and my use of ASIO drivers for windows. I don't know about how Logic compensates for latency, but I gotta imagine they have something built in. The only thing I can think of that might be cerating a problem for you (I've seen other posts about latency recently) is if you are not using your Apple Core Audio dirvers for the IF/DM FW. I am not on an apple, but in windows terms I mean ASIO.
Hi TascMan,
I work the same way as you and have nor latency problems either. But in this way you cant remote control the aux mixes on the DM by AC-7 Core HD. You only can control the DAW and perhaps introduce latency because it's like my test below.

Just to test the latency I tried the following:
Chan input1 M/L (bypass) -> FW1 -> DAW in -> DAW out FW1 -> chan 25
Chan 1 stereo select off
Chan 25 stereo select on to hear in the controlroom
Chan 25 via aux 1 -> headphone amp
When playing an acoustic instrument you can hear the latency, its not a lot but you can hear it.
Your first line in your reply was that you Don't have any latency problems? But...

OK. I think you may want to try NOT monitoring through the DAW track's output of what you are recording. There will always be latency here. Look at your signal chain...

"Chan input1 M/L (bypass) -> FW1 -> DAW in -> DAW out FW1 -> chan 25...back out through the DM"

That should say "Chan input 1 M/L (bypass)->BOTH FW1 AND CH1 on the DM....DM Chan 1 to Stereo or Aux buss for headphones or monitors, FW1 to DAW track one input for recording (not monitoring)"

I would (always do) monitor the M/L input (whatever it is) DIRECTLY through the STEREO buss off of the DM, while the PFL signal goes on the the DAW track. You see, there is a split of the signal here and you are not taking advantage of it in your signal chain example, thus, your latency. Your M/L 1 signal comes into the board and splits. When set up correctly, one part goes off to your DAW track input, unaffected by Fader, Pan, or anything else, and the other part goes to Channel 1 on the DM, then out through the stereo buss or AUX buss, or however you have it set up. That's the signal you want to monitor. Don't monitor to the DAW track 1 return when you are recording into it.

When you normally listen to your DAW tracks (maybe a working stereo mix) from your DAW's output into, say, DM Chs 17 and 18, and then out your Stereo or Aux buss, (to headphones), and then play or sing along to that signal while at the same time recording the playing or signing part into the daw, while monitoring the playing or singing ONLY through the DM, your recordings will not (should not) playback with any delay. Everything should sync up because of your DAW's latency compensation.

So, as for the use of AC-7, I stand by my previous example. I did not know you were monitoring your input signal as it went through and out your daw and back into the DM.

If you use sepearte mixes that are assigned to track folders or busses in your daw, and the output of those Folders or busses in your DAW are assigned to certain stereo inputs in the DM, you can send each of those stereo mixes to seperate aux outs to different people. Their monitoring volumes would be controlled by you controlling the fader levels on those inputs via your ipad.
Meanwhile, as they listen to that, they can also record their parts into your DAW and monitor themselves DIRECTLY through the DM's stereo buss at the same time with no delay problems.
That was some nasty wording, but I hope I got the message across.
Hi TascMan,
I was just TESTING how much latency there was involved when I did ALL the aux mixes ( the live and the recorded ones) through or from the DAW. The latency of the live tracks is not acceptable I think.
Of couse you are right about the Daw's latency compensation but that is only for the recorded tracks and not for the live tracks ( the tracks "in record")

Your describsion can make different aux mixes from the recorded tracks (from within the DAW) AND those you can control with AC-7 Core, BUT you can't control the "to be recorded" tracks because those tracks get the signal right from the DM and you have to control them from the DM.

Meanwhile, as they listen to that, they can also record their parts into your DAW and monitor themselves DIRECTLY through the DM's stereo buss at the same time with no delay problems.
That was some nasty wording, but I hope I got the message across.

As I'm talking about aux mixes for the musicians: Each AUX mix from the DAW must be send to a DM channel and the live part must also being send to the same aux. That way you can control the headphone mix with the aux send from chan x ( the live part) and chan xx ( the recorded part).
However, you don't have control on the ipad over the aux mixes ( the live part) because that is done by the DM and not the DAW.

Nothing by Tascam, no
Gottch-ya! Clearly I misunderstood what you were asking about. I have "tested" the latency too and completely agree that the delay sucks. I had a friend come over once to listen to some guitar amp modeling VSTs from within the DAW and he was not happy with the delay between when he struck a note and when the sound came out. it was close, but not right on.
I agree.
Before i worked with dm4800&logic i worked with dm24 and a adat 24track hd recorder and with the signal through the hd recorder back in the mixer with no latency.
Its a bit disappointing that recording on a computer there is always latency involved

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