Porta One Ministudio Play function repair

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    Sep 2013
    Porta One Ministudio

    I'm the proud owner of a Porta One Ministudio that has sat in a box since it was bought new years and years ago.

    The capstan motor is turning smoothly, and all the belts are intact. I made a little 50-second video of it working with the back off, and I will include a link below.


    When I push play, it disengages after a second. If I push play with the back cover off, and simultaneously rotate the white gear under the flywheel, then the transport clicks into place and it begins playing or recording like a dream.

    From the research I've been doing, it looks like the problem may be with the play/idle clutch under the take-up wheel.

    Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of repair? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.